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Dimension X was an adult science fiction series broadcast from 1950 to 1951 on NBC. The shows were narrated by Norman Rose, whose deep and authoritative voice resonate with a touch of dark irony. The appearance of Destination Moon in the movie theater helped push Dimension X to the top of its field in 1950. The production of the shows took place in a huge studio, which allowed the crew to create impressive echos and sound effects.

Most stories in Dimension X were selected from Astounding Science Fiction Magazine, in which the best writers in the field sought to publish their work. The success of Dimension X proved that radio as a medium was highly compatible with science fiction.

There are 50 shows in our collection! Date Aired
A Logic Named Joe July 1, 1950
Dr Grimshaws Sanitorium September 22, 1950
Hello Tomorrow September 15, 1950
The Outer Limit September 8, 1950
The Roads Must Roll September 1, 1950
The Parade August 25, 1950
The Martian Chronicles August 18, 1950
The Castaways August 11, 1950
Perigis Wonderful Dolls August 4, 1950
The Potters Of Firsk July 28, 1950
Beyond Infinity July 21, 1950
The Man In The Moon July 14, 1950
And The Moon Be Still As Bright September 29, 1950
No Contact October 28, 1950
Destination Moon June 24, 1950
To The Future May 27, 1950
There Will Come Soft Rains June 17, 1950
The Embassy June 3, 1950
The Lost Race May 20, 1950
Mars Is Heaven July 7, 1950
The Green Hills Of Earth June 10, 1950
The Green Hills Of Earth December 24, 1950
Competition November 19, 1950
Shanghaied November 12, 1950
The Professor Was A Thief November 5, 1950

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